Future Windows 8 updates on monthly basis

Windows 8.1 update

Of late, we’ve gotten usual and regular Windows updates, as well as really substantial ones, as well. First released was Windows 8.1, which introduced with new applications and start screen, features and also the start button is returning too (not really). That was officially released in April by an to use Windows 8 easily with a mouse and keyboard users. Going ahead, however, Microsoft is taking an alternate tack: The company is dumping major milestone updates in the name of smaller monthly update release. (On a “no duh” note, this does mean totally new operating system, such as Windows 9.) You may get intrest in this monthly update, Microsoft likewise says the tweaks may incorporate new features, additionally UI tweaks and performance improvements in the background work. As is Microsoft’s convention, new forms of the OS will turn out on “Update Tuesday,” with the next update planned on August 12th, simply a couple of days from now.

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