Google is shutting down Orkut and concentrates on YouTube, Blogger and Google+

Google is shutting down Orkut

Google’s since a long time recommended Orkut and its services to be closed as its other social network Google+ launch since Google plus is growing constantly and reached half a billion user base. So Google is shutting down its 10 years old social network Orkut this September 30th 2014. The search gaint said that it is turning its focus on its big projects YouTube, Blogger and Google+. Since 2008 Orkut was maintained by Google Brazil, as it was too popular in Brazil and India.

Facebook and Google+ are enjoying its growth enormously. Google’s decision of pulling up its Orkut is right time. Now the company is blocking new signups, Any how the present users can continue using the Orkut service till the dead line. Once the deadline passes on users can export their profile data, community posts through Google’s Takeout tool until September 30th 2016. The exported file will be on the zip format containing HTML and JPEGs.

On the day of shutting down Orkut, Google will preserve the existing community posts on online archive. Until that Orkut users can use the site as usual. Orkut is counting its live days. Farewell, Orkut.

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