Google Maps now explores the Moon and Mars

Explore the moon and Mars with Google Maps

It’ll be quite a long time before somebody sets foot on the moon once more, however you can now go on a couple of lunar trips of your own without leaving the solace of Google Maps. Simply move into the “Earth” view and continue zooming out – once you’ve arrived at full zoom out you can see our blue planet hit the ‘Explore’ button and try to rotate earth and click on stars( bright white dots now you can see Earth, Moon and Mars under Explore tab, Now you can explore Mars and Moon. This is a great move by Google to explore our neighbor planet Mars. Google added the great bodies to celebrate the Curiosity rover’s second year cruising the Martian surface, keeping in mind it isn’t exactly as adaptable as Google Earth, Maps’ new gimmick doesn’t require any setup or thinking ahead. There aren’t any Street Views simply yet, however there’s still a lot of wonderful devastation to look at after you’re carried out plotting your course to the chiropractor.


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