Google Play Services 5.0 now live

Google Play Services 5.0

Google published a major update on its Play Services API a month ago at Google I/O, and now it is being made live to devices globally.

The new update incorporate services for Android wearables, Google Play games, security, Google Cast, Wallet, and a lot more.

Google’s developer blog has posted a relevant technical touched video that focuses on new features in depth.

The highlights to Android wearables incorporate the capability to sync up steady data between wearables and smartphones, while game services let you store your activity in the cloud and even get to your games across various devices. Subtitle support in Chromecast is an incredible additional feature, as is having the capacity to save, promo and loyalty cards in your Google Wallet.

The updated services and API’s will consequently be downloaded for all the important relavant services from Google Play.

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