Google Sheets now able to edit Excel with new update

Google sheets

Google Drive and Google Sheets for Android got some respectable features freshly. Google Drive now lets users now view and edit tiles and folders from the details panel board, alongside a couple of new file administration capacities from the same sheet.

You can likewise change view, remark, or alter authorizations from the mobile application now. In the interim Google Sheets now permits users to open, alter, and save Microsoft Excel files. You can likewise view graphs, embed equations, and utilization find/supplant all through your spreadsheets.

Sheets was a generally later off-shoot from Drive, yet can now handle the majority of your spreadsheet needs as a stand-alone application. Oversee various pages, format cells, team up with associates, and, obviously, have everything saved immediately to the cloud. Drive still makes a stellar showing of putting away the greater part of your records in the cloud for simple get to later. It ties in consistently with Sheets and Docs, and has simple access to various Google accounts on the incase you’ve got some organize to do.

Feel free to jump into the Google Play Store on your device to get the update. What number of you all work with Microsoft Excel consistently? Does Google Sheets consider along with your work process consistently?

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