Lumia Android Smartphone with Nokia by Microsoft Branding Coming Soon

Lumia X2 Android Nokia by Microsoft smartphone

As you may know, @evleaks has a decent track record in terms of leaking of unannounced smartphones. If evleaks announces a rumor, mostly the rumers come to live soon officially. In any case another break from the serial leakster appears to be a tad excessively hard to process.

As per @evleaks, an Android powered Lumia handset is in the works and it will be branded as the Nokia by Microsoft marking, which we saw on a spilled Lumia 830 gadget prior.

Nokia as of now put Android smartphones under the X-series, so it is weird to hear that Microsoft is going to dispatch them under the Lumia name. Perhaps Microsoft want to stop the X-series and put all the gadgets under the Lumia/Nokia by Microsoft branding.

Numerous fans of Google’s OS should to be cheerful to hear this news. Nokia brings out some amazing hardware, however individuals who don’t purchase their gadgets are simply not interested by the Windows Phone OS. However if Lumia Android smartphone hits the market, it without a doubt is going to knock some people’s interest. What’s more Microsoft may utilize the device to promote its services. Services like Bing, Outlook, Onedrive, and Onenote are accessible solely on Nokia X devices without Google services.

Likewise Windows Phone hasn’t gotten extremely prominent of course. The company simply need to attempt different things.

In the mean time, here is an alternate new message from @evleaks:

“The Lumia 1525 from Nokia by Microsoft is a Windows Phone 8.1 powered 1520 with the SoC upgraded to a Snapdragon 801. Besides T-Mobile, it’s also going to wait for it, wait for it AT&T and Verizon.”


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