Microsoft Store is coming to New York city near Apple’s glass cube

Microsoft store

Microsoft is trying to open a retail store (rumored) in New York City. Accept it or not, there isn’t a bonafide Microsoft Store in New York City. Microsoft want to make it as a specialty store, however this store will be smaller and don’t have a larger collection as normal Microsoft store. Another gossip tells that a Microsoft Store may set to open on Fifth Avenue close to Apple’s glass cube store.

Microsoft is evidently situated to set up shop at 677 Fifth Avenue. close to 53rd Street. This puts its close to Apple’s famous glass cube store on 767 Fifth Avenue.

The area was formerly engaged by Fendi, an Italian luxury fashion design house. The 8,700 square-foot, two-story space Microsoft needs is in a range where rent for ground floor stores can carry for $3,500 per every square foot. You can calculate the rent.

Microsoft is as of now trying to open thirteen new Microsoft Stores in the United States and Canada. We’d want to see NYC added to that rundown.

Anybody in NYC want a permanent Microsoft Store own by itself? Could be yes

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