Microsoft wearable rumors suggest focuses fitness tracker, less smartwatch

Microsoft wearable fitness tracker

You may need to dial back your desires for Microsoft’s rumored smartwatch. As indicated by sources speaking to Paul Thurrott, the wearable isn’t proposed as a watch – its a Gear Fit-style fitness tracker that happens to convey phone notifications and timekeeping. The tipsters likewise back prior bits of gossip, recommending that there will be a group of fitness sensors with support to Android, iOS and (native) Windows Phone.

We may have already received a sight of what the gadget looks like, as well. A trio of recently published Microsoft patent applications (containing one picture here) have talked about wearable interface ideas that let you track runs, explore and send quick messages. One patent even demonstrates a vertical charging dock, recommending that the group in Redmond has sweated all the little details. There’s no insurance that these components will appear in any completed product, without taking into consideration a device expected late this year, however they at least give a decent look at the company’s thinking.

Microsoft fitness tracker


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