NTT Docomo and Huawei wish to expand LTE networks with WiFi spectrum

NTT docomo sign

Love LTE data speeds, yet fear the worst thing about system clogging? Analysts at NTT Docomo and Huawei may have an answer. The two companies recently published that it has effectively broadcast LTE benefit on the unlicensed 5GHz spectrum – a frequency ordinarily utilized for WiFi. Possibly, the 5GHz band could be utilized to upgrade LTE services in highly utilized areas, a practice scientists are calling License-Assisted Access (LAA). LAA isn’t an authority standard yet, however Huawei and NTT Docomo plan to keep cooperating to support it. The specifics are a bit granular, beyond any doubt, however we’re not going to laugh at showing signs of improvement response. Look at the team’s official explanation at the link below.

NTT Docomo

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