Samsung Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition evleaks no onscreen buttons

At this time it is clear that Samsung is working on its next version of Galaxy S5 named Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition (GPE). This makes no surprise, as last year Samsung released Galaxy S4 and S4 Google Play Edition (GPE) along with HTC One GPE.

Despite it is a huge success in market shares, It also has enough demand for them so Google decided to demand Samsung for reprise. And this shows that it is truth and stands in the form of Galaxy S5 GPE. This Galaxy S5 GPE leaked image and it is rendered leaked image.

The GPE edition looks simply like a ‘vanilla flavor’ Galaxy S5, which is a regular phone. The variation in this GPE is in the software, which is ‘stock Android’ akin to what you get when you buy a Nexus. As like Nexus smartphones, updates to new Android versions ought to arrive as faster than for the TouchWiz-infused change of the S5. It doesn’t have no onscreen buttons. That’s because Google has a aid in the update step for the GPE devices.

The downside of the ongoing GPE with this phone is that you will have to give up Samsung featuring software made on its own to interpretation of Android.

The Galaxy S5 GPE will likely be sold for around $599-699, sans contract, only in the Play Store.


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