T-Mobile achieved mid-year LTE expansion goal

t-mobile 4G LTE expansion

T-Mobile reported that it has attained its mid-year coverage objective of expanding its LTE impression. Presently the Un-carrier system reported that at the end of June, it now has 230 million zones of presence for its 4G LTE footprint, it means its network is expanding in terms of coverage. It covered more areas under 4G.But T-Mobile has achieved touching the goal of June. The carrier says that it will put its best effort in expanding its 4G LTE footprint.

In addition of network coverage goal to present to its 4g LTE coverage to more people through that pops its goal, At the uN-carrier 5.0 event T-Mobile has announced at it has stretched 15×15 Mhz network to 16 markets sectors in the U.S. and VoLTE now is accessible in 15 markets sectors to help in clogging and help to deliver data bandwidth.

Do you think this T-mobile achievement is enough to give a shock? If so then what about the devices you like to use with this LTE footprint. T-mobile is yet to release handsets and dongles for its LTE network.

Source: T-Mobile

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