T-Mobile LG G3 to unveil on July 16 (Rumor)


The LG G3 is an amazing handset offering specs like Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, 5.5-inch Full HD screen, 2 or 3gb RAM, a and a 13mp primary camera. In the US, the gadget is expected to dispatch to Verizon on the 17th July; there is no clues about when it will be available for other carriers. A new rumor tells that T-Mobile will introduce the handset before it gets introduced by big events.

As per the sources of Tmonews, the LG G3 will arrive on T-Mobile shelves on July 16. Furthermore two different gadgets will likely to be launched by T-Mobile, but just a week later on July 23. Those gadgets are mid-range Sony Xperia T2 Ultra, which is fitted with a 720p 6-inch display and Snapdragon 400 processor, and Galaxy Tab 4 with 1.2 Ghz quad-core processor and 1.5GB RAM.

In the mean time LG has quietly launched LG G3 Beat in China, and it is thought to be the small scale variant of the G3 however it has a 5 inch screen.

LG G3 Beat and LG G3

Its size is less than LG G3 and has a display resolution of 1280×720. Other specs are 2GB RAM, 16gb of storage capacity with microSD card slot, quad-core 1.2ghz processor, 8mp cam, 4G LTE, and a 2500mAh battery. The LG G3 mini runs Android 4.4.2. The expected cost of the device is around $400 or 2,500 yuan.

Obviously, its pretty small so it may be called as mini. However Nexus 5 has a 4.95 inch display, while the Moto X with a 4.7 inch display.


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