Timex’s new Ironman smartwatch comes with 3G connectivity

Timex Ironman Smartwatch

Timex simply added another section to its Ironman line of GPS watches, ‘cept it an extraordinary ole timepiece this time – its a 3G-associated smartwatch that doesn’t even need to connect with a smartphone. The company names it as the Ironman One GPS+, keeping in mind it may have features usually found in a smartwatch, it was made for the most part for sports men like its ancestors. It has the capacity to transfer your run information to a fitness site with one tap, for instant in point, and you can even give contacts to screen your run in live. One version additionally accompanies a heart rate monitor la Samsung Gear Fit and a chest strap, however not at all like the conventional one that expenses $350 (which is as of now soak, as different smartwatches today cost around $200), it’ll set you back $450.

Other than these fitness focused functions, the One GPS+ likewise has an special app for messaging where friends can reach you through an special email address. What’s more, if there should be an occurrence of a crisis, there’s a SOS catch you can press that alarms loved ones with your area. The ruggedized watch (intended to be water safe for up to 150 feet) accompanies 4GB of storage capacity for music, which can be heard through a Bluetooth headset. Its battery can last up to 8 hours with the GPS on, and up to three days without. These abilities may be sufficient for individuals who would prefer not to be immersed with notices on their wrists, yet the individuals who long for more may need to take a gander at options (like Android Wear gadgets.

Timex’s response to the LG G Watch, Pebble and HP Gilt, among numerous different smartwatches out there, was made in partners with AT&T and Qualcomm, with the previous given free 3G right to gain access for a year. Timex didn’t say the amount the mobile internet will cost after that. Qualcomm, then again, will supply the chipset, the Brew stage and the low-power control 1.5-inch Mirasol display that it showcased a year back through the Toq smartwatch. The company doesn’t precisely have a transportation date as a main priority yet, yet you can as of now preorder the One GPS+ through Timex’s website.

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