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In its most recent test, Twitter is getting a ton of grumblings from enraged users when it chose to tweak its system to retweet messages that users mark as favorites. Users are griping that they are seeing tweets that are favorited by those whom they follow in their Twitter timeline like a retweet, with a lot of people likewise getting notice cautions when others follow new users.

The test started on a smaller scale a few weeks back and it creates the impression that Twitter is extending this analysis to more users as per a report from The Next Web. Most strikingly, previous Wall Street Journal and All Things D editor, now with Re/Code, Peter Kafka is regretting on the network itself, “Twitter filling my feed with stuff I didn’t request – stuff other individuals follow and fav.”

While retweeting is an precise act of sharing on Twitter for substance that users discover fascinating, denoting a Tweet as a “favorite” is a much more latent act to recognize the sender of the first tweet, thank the individual, or concur with them. By consequently retweeting substance stamped as most loved favorite can overpower users of Twitter as it includes content that may not be shared in the first place.

As such, Twitter has not reacted to remarks about its most recent social test, however the company has a website to clarify some of its trials.

Is it accurate to say that you are seeing this most recent test in your Twitter feed? Tell us in the comments.

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