Windows 8.1 update 3 is in progress

Windows 8.1 update

Another gossip asserts that Microsoft has begun to develop a third feature update for Windows 8.1, however its more than conceivable that the company could scratch off those plans for getting up and go with the next Windows version, code name ” Threshold “.

Microsoft released Update 1 for Windows 8.1 few months back, and made it a necessity as it included various upgrades for conventional mouse-and-keyboard PC users to better explore the Modern users interface. Recently, the company reported arrangements to add a couple of more features to the OS on August 12, however included that this download won’t be obliged and won’t be named as “Update 2.”

WinBeta, refering to anonymous sources, asserts that Microsoft has begun improving a third important and essential based update for Windows 8.1, for a conceivable fall release. Be that, the same article tells that Microsoft could choose to drop those plans at any time for propelling people to taste the beta version of Threshold. There’s no information on what the update 3 will have.

Do you think Microsoft ought include some more features for a third Windows 8.1 update or ought the company simply proceed onward and basically give bug fixes and security update for the OS after August 12’s download?


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