Windows 9 will change its user interface to fit the device

Windows 9 desktop mode

Even now Windows 7 has the big victory of capturing the trust of users. As of now Windows 8 and 8.1 doesn’t sold as Windows 7. Well it would seem that Microsoft’s next Operating system, codenamed “Threshold,” or, Windows 9 in the normal tongue, is pointed right to you. The OS will evidently dispatch in three separate flavors desktop, tablet and mobile. Windows 9 will detect the hardware it is running and it automatically adjusts the user interface accordingly as written by Zdnet’s Windows-leak Mary Jo Foley. Importance, if you are a classical desktop user with mouse and key board Windows 9 will identify it and directly boots and take you to Windows desktop screen as we love it. The Live-tiled Start screen may be utilized by the users having touch-based machines like tablets and convertible laptops. Any how windows will offer smoother switching between the two environments, if windows detects a connected keyboard. Likewise, Foley’s sources additionally say that in case you’re tingling to get your to use the new OS ahead of official launch next spring, there’ll be an open preview review available to find bugs in its new OS this winter.

Image credit: Associated Press

Source: ZDNet

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