Windows phone store reported that its app doubled in a year

Windows phone store

Windows Phone’s application list may not find as broader as what you’ll discover on Android or iOS, however time changed Windows phone app is increasing. Microsoft has quietly uncovered that the Windows Phone Store elevated over 300,000 applications as of June 2014, or almost twice what it had a year ago. It had 200,000 applications as of December, so the rate is obviously increasing – 50% of its library showed up in the past a few months. There are additionally 50 percent increase in developers, Microsoft includes, which implies that many of the new titles are from new developers or first time developers.

This increasing app in Windows phone store is healthier and it will increase in choosing Windows platform for smartphone, particularly since it incorporates huge name titles like Instagram and Vine. All things considered, there’s still far to go before Microsoft fills in gap in all sectors. A fact the store shows is many top apps comes from Microsoft or from unofficial apps replacing missing feature apps like Snapchat and Youtube. The rising app trend helps, yet quality is still an factor – it’s difficult to switch from other popular platforms when you may need to scarify your favorite service or utility feature.


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